What to Include in a Winter Car Kit

winter car kit - winter marked out of snow on windscreen

No one likes winter driving. Whether you’re constantly having to dip your full beam, travelling at a snail’s pace due to fear of ice, or genuinely worried your hands might fuse with the steering wheel if they get any colder, it’s safe to say that we’d prefer to be doing just about anything else. But winter…

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Top 10 Winter Car Checks

winter car checks - showcasing bad driving weather

It’s not always fun being a motorist in winter, so we need to make doubly sure that our vehicles are road-ready. To help with this, 1st Call Windscreens have put together a list of the 10 most important winter car checks. Get a winter service First things first – get your car in for a…

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How to Change Your Windscreen Wipers

how to change your windscreen wipers

Given the sheer amount of rain, snow, dust and debris that hits our windscreen in a week here in Britain, it should come as no surprise that they will need changing every once in a while. However, before you go off and pay your local garage to change it for you (which will cost a…

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The Law Surrounding HGV Windscreens

The law surrounding HGV windscreens

The laws surrounding windscreen repair and replacement aren’t always the easiest to interpret, mainly because there is something of a grey area between what counts as a light scratch, heavy scratch and a crack. However, for HGV, things get a little trickier. As you might expect, when it comes to windscreen repair and inspection for…

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What is the Windscreen Phenomenon?

the windscreen phenomenon

To many motorists, ‘the windscreen phenomenon’ might seem like an end to one of the biggest nuisances associated with motorway driving. However, to many environmentalists, this news is considered the symptom of something rather troubling. So, in this article, the team at 1st Call Windscreens will delve further into this problem, and look at the…

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