Top Tips: How to Clean Your Car Windscreen

how to clean your car windscreen

This month, 1st Call Windscreens will be covering how to clean your car’s windscreen, including a thorough exterior and interior step-by-step guide to ensure your car is left sparkling and is ready for your next journey.  Equipment needed to clean your external windscreen: Old overalls An alcohol-based glass cleaner (avoid ammonia-based cleaners as this can…

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Top 10 Winter Car Checks

winter car checks - showcasing bad driving weather

It’s not always fun being a motorist in winter, so we need to make doubly sure that our vehicles are road-ready. To help with this, 1st Call Windscreens have put together a list of the 10 most important winter car checks. Get a winter service First things first – get your car in for a…

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How to Change Your Windscreen Wipers

how to change your windscreen wipers

Given the sheer amount of rain, snow, dust and debris that hits our windscreen in a week here in Britain, it should come as no surprise that they will need changing every once in a while. However, before you go off and pay your local garage to change it for you (which will cost a…

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Will windscreens wipers be a thing of the past?

will windscreens wipers be a thing of the past?

Is there really a possibility that everyday car windscreen wipers will vanish in the way that ashtrays did? This month, 1st Call Windscreens are here to look at the technology behind the invention that could quite possibly wipe out the use of these vital parts of all vehicles. How could this possibly work? McLaren are…

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

Ultimate car maintenance checklist

This month 1st Call Windscreens will be discussing how often you should perform car maintenance checks, why, and possible problems you could encounter along the way. With winter fast approaching, it’s important to keep on top of your car checklist to prevent accidents from happening and to keep your car in tip top shape. No…

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