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Mobile Windscreen Repair

Windscreen damage can happen at any time. And it’s not just inconvenient, it can be incredibly dangerous too. We understand that taking your vehicle in for windscreen repair can seem like a hassle at the time, but we promise that 1st Call Windscreens will make it easy for you.

Our windscreen repair services are vast and include:

We offer a fully-mobile windscreen repair service throughout Maidstone, Sittingbourne and Kent, so we can fix your windscreen on your doorstep. Simple.

How to know your windscreen can be repaired

If your vehicle’s windscreen has taken some damage, it’s not always easy to know whether repair or replacement is the best option. To help you with this, here are some simple ways that you can know for sure:

  • Less than a £2 coin: If the size of the chip on your windscreen is smaller in diameter than a £2 coin, then you can be almost certain that a repair will be possible.
  • Undamaged safety glass: Modern windscreens feature an inner layer of protective glass that keeps the two sheets together. If the damage that your windscreen has sustained has not affected this inner layer in any way, then there’s a good chance that a repair will be possible.
  • 3cm from the edge: It’s not just the size of the chip that’s important when considering whether a windscreen can be repaired, the position plays a role too. That is, if the chip is positioned at least 3cm away from the edge of the windscreen, then a repair will be possible.
  • Not in the driver’s visual field: If the damage is outside of the driver’s visual field by at least 10mm, then a repair could well be possible.
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Windscreen seal repair

Leaks in your vehicle are most commonly caused by ageing seals that have deteriorated. If your windscreen seal has worn away, this can result in mildew and moisture forming. You might think that a small leak in your windscreen wouldn’t impact your vehicle; however, in periods of heavy rain, this situation can rapidly escalate, causing bad smells, mould and even damage to your vehicle’s electronics.

If your windscreen is leaking, then it should be repaired by professionals. We have been operating across the South East for over 25 years, so you can be sure that our expert technicians have the skills to re-seal your windscreen as fast as possible. Just give our team a call for a free quote today!

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