How to Change Your Windscreen Wipers

how to change your windscreen wipers

Given the sheer amount of rain, snow, dust and debris that hits our windscreen in a week here in Britain, it should come as no surprise that they will need changing every once in a while. However, before you go off and pay your local garage to change it for you (which will cost a…

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Land Vehicles with Windscreens [Infographic]

land vehicles with windscreens

Windscreens are used for a multitude of vehicles, including those used on land, water and in air. Below we display all of the land vehicles that have windscreens.   Domestic Vehicles with Windscreens Standard car The majority of homes in the UK have a standard car because they’re ideal for most short city journeys and…

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Why Chipped or Cracked Windscreens Need to be Repaired

Why chipped or cracked windscreens need to be repaired

Cracks or chips on your windscreen can develop at any time, no matter what road you’re driving on. Windscreen damage is typically caused by loose stones or road materials being kicked up by other vehicles. At first glance, a windscreen chip might seem too small or insignificant to bother with, but that is a critical…

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Does your Vehicle need Windscreen Repair or Windscreen Replacement? [Infographic]

Does your vehicle need windscreen repair or windscreen replacement?

  Windscreen Repair or Windscreen Replacement? Even the smallest crack or chip can quickly escalate into a major problem which can render your vehicle undriveable. This article will help you determine whether the size, depth, position and type of crack on your windscreen means it needs to be repaired or replaced, so you know exactly…

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