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5 Problems Of DYI Windscreen Repair

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When your windscreen gets damaged, it’s essential to address the issue quickly and properly. While DIY windscreen repair kits are readily available and can be somewhat effective for very minor windscreen damage, they come with their own set of challenges and limitations. In this article, the 1st Call Windscreen team will look at five key problems associated with attempting DIY windscreen repair.

top 5 problems of DIY windscreen repair

Limited repair capability

DIY windscreen repair kits are specifically designed for addressing small chips and cracks, typically those smaller than a 2p coin. The resin provided with these kits might not be sufficient to repair larger areas of damage, such as complex cracks or damage that extends to the edges of the windscreen. Attempting to repair this kind of damage with a DIY kit will probably result in an incomplete or ineffective repair, leaving you with no choice but to seek proper professional assistance, which should have been the initial course of action!


Even when a DIY repair seems to be structurally successful, it still might not achieve the same level of clarity and transparency as a professional repair or replacement. Distortions and imperfections may still be visible on the repaired area, which can be distracting and compromise the overall look of your windscreen.

Skill and experience

It’s no secret that windscreen repair requires a certain level of skill and experience given the precise and complex nature of the task. If you’re not familiar with the process, it’s very easy to make mistakes that can worsen the damage. One wrong move or calculation during the repair process can lead to a more extensive crack or chip, making the problem worse. On top of this, if the repair isn’t carried out correctly, you could well be compromising the safety of your vehicle, putting yourself and your passengers in danger.

Environmental conditions

The success of DIY windscreen repair is very much influenced by environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity and the cleanliness of the repair space. While DIY kits often come with instructions and guidelines on what the ideal conditions for repair are, it can still be challenging to replicate these kinds of conditions at home. For example, if the repair is attempted in extremely cold weather, the resin may not set properly, leading to structural issues.

Here at 1st Call Windscreens, given the mobile nature of our service, our team of professionals is used to carrying out repairs in suboptimal conditions. However, thanks to our years of experience, we understand what adjustments we need to make to ensure a perfect repair every time. If you are at all unsure, we suggest you give us a call!

Safety concerns

While DIY kits are generally safe to use when following the instructions, there are some safety concerns to be aware of. Windscreen repair resin can be harmful if it comes into contact with your skin or eyes, so you need to make sure you are taking proper protective measures when using these kits. As well as this, if the damage is located near the driver’s line of sight, a poorly executed repair can affect visibility when out on the road, which could result in a collision. For the safety of your passengers and other road users, make sure that you completely consider all of the factors that could affect the outcome of the repair.

1st Call Windscreens is Kent’s leading windscreen repair and replacement company. With decades of experience in the industry, you can count on our team to carry out the perfect repair every time. Don’t take a chance on a DIY repair, do it right the first time and give our team a call!

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