Windscreen Maintenance FAQs

How can I clean my windscreen?

Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure your windscreen remains in top working order for many years to come. Start by washing the windscreen using warm water and a soft brush to remove insects, dust, dirt and leaves.

For a thorough, even clean, lift the wipers up and dry the windscreen with smear-free/anti-fog/foaming non-drip glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth to give the surface a good shine. Using paper towels, polish the glass to remove any remaining glass cleaner for a streak-free finish. It’s worth noting that although newspaper can help with streaks, it can’t get hardened marks and stains off the glass and can leave stubborn residue itself

When it comes to cleaning the windscreen wipers, wipe a cloth soaked in windscreen washer solution or malt vinegar over the windscreen blade and rinse with clean water.

To remove fingerprints and sat nav suction marks from the windscreen surface inside the vehicle, use a microfibre cloth or traditional chamois cloth – any stubborn marks can be cleaned off with water. Top tip: avoid using cleaning sprays inside the car as they can damage materials inside the vehicle. Finally, top up your windscreen wiper fluid levels.

What can I do to avoid damaging the windscreen?

Regular maintenance is key to avoid any damage to your windscreen and ensure complete safety on the road. Take a look at the following simple tips for glass maintenance to keep your windscreen in a good condition for the length of time you own the vehicle:

If frost is expected, make sure you use a cover to protect your windscreen
Make sure you use a suitable de-icer or scraper to defrost your vehicle – don’t pour hot water or use sharp objects as this can lead to stress cracks
Make sure your washer fluid and antifreeze levels are topped up
Clean your windscreen regularly