Cracked & Chipped Windscreen FAQs

What are the types of windscreen cracks?

If your windscreen is suffering from a chip or crack, it’s important to identify the exact type to ensure the most appropriate remedial action is taken to fix it. From star breaks and bull’s eye cracks to half moon and floater cracks, the damage can take on several different forms. Take a look at our infographic to learn more about the different types of windscreen cracks and what they look like.

What can cause your windscreen to crack?

Unfortunately, windscreen damage is a common problem amongst drivers. Take a look at the following list to find out the most prevalent causes of windscreen chips and cracks:

  • Direct impact: this can be caused by a car accident, something being thrown at the windscreen or animals on the road
  • Hail
  • Temperature: dramatic changes in temperature can cause the glass to expand and crack
  • Flying stones/ gravel/ road debris
  • Direct sunlight: intense heat can crack the windscreen or cause the glass to warp
  • Structural pressure/ poor installation: the quality of glass or the manufacturing process can cause the glass to crack

Leaving your car out in the sun or in the cold can cause the edges of the windscreen to become more brittle and crack. As such, it’s recommended that you store your vehicle in an insulated space, such as your garage.

What causes a windscreen crack or chip to spread?

Any stress or pressure on the windscreen can cause a crack or chip on your windscreen to spread. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Buildup of moisture between the layers of glass
  • Accumulation of dirt between the layers of glass
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Sunlight
  • Hitting bumps in the road