Why are my windscreen wipers not working?

You may be wondering why your windscreen wipers are not working and this can be a pain, especially when you’re about to go on a long journey. This is why 1st Call Windscreens have put together a list of things you may be experiencing, so you can get your vehicle back up and running in no time.

There are a number of reasons why windscreen wipers stop working and these include:
torn wipers, broken controls, a blown fuse, faults with the motor, damaged arms, snow or ice covering, loose pivot nuts and a break in the wires.

  • Torn wipers – wiper blades are comprised of plastic with rubber attachments. They are fitted tightly for good reason – so they can remove dust, debris and water with ease and in one flawless sweep. When the wipers are ‘torn’, this means that the rubber fixture positioned underneath the plastic strip has become loose and you may experience trapped dirt and poor vision. Torn wipers can also cause deep scratches and damages to your windscreen, so it is important to get your windscreen wipers fixed to prevent the situation from exacerbating.    
  • Broken controls – it’s safe to say that functions such as windscreen wipers are an auto-pilot reaction, when our visibility is limited whilst driving – so as you can imagine – we use these controls a whole lot. It’s not uncommon for the controls to fail and this could be the reason why your windscreen wipers aren’t working.
  • Blown fuse – if this is the case, when you turn your wipers on you will not hear any of the mechanisms taking action and the wipers themselves will not function either. Just like a lightbulb, you can flick on the switch but if the fuse has gone, nothing will happen. When you experience a blown fuse, it’s vital that you have trained experts to take a look to ensure that you do not confuse the wires inside your vehicle.
  • Faults with the motor – you may hear your windscreen wipers attempting to budge if you have a faulty motor, however if it has completely gone, you may not hear anything at all. A faulty motor can be the result of age, so it’s important to have it looked at in case it needs replacing or it might be the case that it requires simple maintenance and repairs.
  • Damaged arm – there’s always the chance that one arm might be damaged instead of the both of them. This can still be an issue because for your windscreen to be as clear as possible, it takes two arms to complete the job. You may notice that one side of the windscreen is dirty and hear a screeching noise when they’re in motion.
  • They’ve covered in ice and snow – during this time of year, it’s not unusual for your windscreen to freeze over at night. If you should head off to work in the morning and your windscreen wipers are failing to move, it’s likely that they are frozen by the ice or stuck amongst the snow. It’s important to try and get rid of both ice and snow. This can be done with warm (not boiling) water.
  • Loose pivot nuts – over time the pivot nuts that enable your wipers to work may become loose. When this happens, the motor will still be turning but the arms will remain where they are. These will need to be tightened to function properly.
  • Break in the wires – the final reason as to why you might be experiencing failure with your wipers could be because you have a break in the connecting wires. Like a faulty motor, you might hear it attempting to work but see no movement from the wipers. This is an issue that a car technician can fix quickly and effectively.


Why are my windscreen wipers not working?

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