Will windscreens wipers be a thing of the past?

Is there really a possibility that everyday car windscreen wipers will vanish in the way that ashtrays did? This month, 1st Call Windscreens are here to look at the technology behind the invention that could quite possibly wipe out the use of these vital parts of all vehicles.

How could this possibly work?

McLaren are looking into a high tech sound waves apparatus that generates a strong enough force field in order to remove dust and debris that settles across your windscreen.

Will windscreens wipers be a thing of the past?

Why windscreen wipers aren’t all that

They’re notorious for smearing insects across your screen and there are always parts of the screen that can’t be reached. Windscreen wipers can also be noisy, due to the rubber blades and this can make for an irritating journey to your destination. Not to mention that, during the snow and ice, they can become stuck and broken – which is an MOT fail, something we really would all like to avoid where possible.

Will windscreen wipers be disappearing?

The technology in question is already used for unborn baby scans and within the dentist industry, used to extract plaque. Many people amongst the car world suggest that windscreens wipers are an archaic piece of equipment that can easily be replaced with something much more efficient and attractive.

The benefits of this new force field technology

This new idea is said to improve the drivers visibility and eradicate the issues we face when our wipers are frozen due to cold weather. This function is also used by the military. Windscreen wipers will not be found on an aircraft because the high frequency of the electronic system prevents anything from attaching to the screen.  

A little history of window wipers

Window wipers were invented by Mary Anderson, an American property developer who managed to get the patent for this device in 1903. The invention came to her as she watched drivers in New York City open their windows during the heavy rain, so that they could see ahead of them. 

Many Anderson’s solution was to have an arm with a rubber blade, glide back and forth over their windscreens that could be operated by the driver from inside the car. To begin with, her idea was critiqued as being a huge distraction to drivers but later became a standard part of a car.

Future of cars

Although the technology for this is far too expensive to implement at the moment, it’s feasible that windscreen wipers will, in the future, be a thing of the past.<

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