Top tips to demisting your windscreens

Not only are misted up windows an annoyance when you’re hurrying to work in the morning, but they can also significantly impede visibility on the road. This article will explain why windscreens fog up, as well as providing you with some top tips to demisting your windscreens so you can drive safely.

Why do windscreens mist/fog up?

Misted up windscreens occur when the temperature is colder than dew point causing excess moisture to form inside the car and create condensation on the glass. Although it is a simple problem to correct, many drivers don’t know how to get rid of the steam on their windscreen, causing them to drive in dangerous conditions with a foggy windscreen.

What are the best windscreen demisting solutions?

If you’re familiar with the problem of having a misted up windscreen, the good news is there are plenty of quick and easy solutions which can rectify the issue and restore your car back to a driveable condition:

  1. Chamois demister pad or cloth – simply wipe the steam off the glass.
  1. Switch on the air conditioning – turning on the air conditioning in your car will help to remove the moisture from the air.
  1. Turn on the heating – switching the heating on will help warm the windows so they are above dew point. Top tip: turn off the air recirculation setting on the heater as this can cause the car to warm up too quickly so the moisture stays inside the car.
  1. Open a window – if you can brave the outdoor elements, opening your window can let out the moist air.

It’s recommended that you switch your air conditioning on at the same time as your heater, as the hot air will dry the glass by evaporating condensation, while the air conditioning will keep the atmosphere dry.

However, if your windscreen has fogged up on a cold winter’s morning, chances are you’re not going to want to put the air conditioning on. In such situations, switching on your heating is the best solution as it will keep you warm, despite taking a little longer to demist your windscreen.

Top tips to demisting your windscreens

How can I prevent getting a fogged up windscreen?

To prevent your windscreen from fogging up in the first place, make sure you clean your windows regularly; a buildup of dust and oil on the glass creates a larger surface area for water vapour to appear on, so ridding your windows of this buildup can help to prevent your windows from steaming up.

Not only that, applying an anti-fog coating to your windscreens will help to clean the windscreen further to achieve a crystal-clear view.

What should I avoid doing when trying to demist my windscreen?

When deciding what action to take to demist your windscreen, it’s also important to know what to avoid doing to ensure you don’t make the problem worse.

  1. Do not rub the windscreen with your sleeve

The moisture from your breath when leaning across the windscreen to wipe the glass with your sleeve can cause the surface to mist up again.

  1. Avoid only opening your windows slightly or only using a couple of air vents

Air circulation inside the car is crucial to stop your warm, moist breath from reaching the windscreen, so there needs to be as much of a breeze flowing through the car as possible.

The future of windscreens

Over the past few years, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been developing a special coating which prevents windscreens misting up, whatever the weather.

This coating resists rain whilst absorbing moisture from the atmosphere to stop condensation from forming on the surface of the glass. Other proposed uses for this specialist coating have included on the inside of car windscreens, ski goggles, inside supermarket fridges and double glazing.

However, many question the validity of this “miracle windscreen glass”, stating that simply using the vehicle’s heating controls correctly can make a significant difference.

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