What Are the Rules for Stickers on Windscreens?

Windscreen law in the UK can be a source of confusion for many drivers. Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what rules apply and when.

For cars with windscreen stickers attached to the front and/or back windows, there are some pointers that you’ll need to keep in mind, both when you’re on the road and taking your car in for an MOT. In this article, we’re looking at windscreen stickers and the law regarding them here in the UK.

What Are the Rules for Stickers on Windscreens?

Windscreen obstruction guidelines

If you’re planning on attaching stickers to your windscreen  – or already have stickers in place – the first thing to know is that, while there is no official law surrounding them, you do have to abide by windscreen obstruction regulations.

As the highway code states, a driver’s windscreen must be kept clear from obstructions that interfere with vision. This is the same rule for sat navs and window mounts as it is for windscreen stickers.

To be sure that your windscreen stickers don’t leave you paying a fine while you’re out and about, make sure they are installed away from the area directly in front of the driver’s seat. Anything deemed to block the driver’s line of vision will lead to penalties and MOT failure.

Rules for windscreen stickers

As with windscreen damage, windscreen obstruction is measured by zones – A and B. Zone A refers to the area directly in front of the driver; this area cannot contain any obstructions that measure over 10mm in diameter. Zone B refers to the rest of the windscreen. Here, windscreen stickers and other obstructions – including damage from chips and cracks – must not measure more than 40mm.

For rear windscreens, zones do not apply. However, guidelines state the rear window, as with the front windscreen, must be kept clear from obstruction. The driver should be able to see clearly through the back window. Large window stickers, especially opaque windscreen stickers, can easily disrupt this view.

Guidelines for official window stickers

For windscreen stickers that are not simply decorative, similar caution must be taken when choosing where to place them. Official stickers are used to convey important information either about the vehicle itself or the driver.

These can include various permits, including disability badges and parking permits, as well as vehicle licenses and manufacturer’s stickers. Official anti-theft stickers are also included – these are typically placed in the lower left or right of the windscreen, and are provided to drivers by a local authority.

The same obstruction rule should be remembered for official stickers; they must not seriously obstruct the driver’s line of sight. Again, this goes for the rear window as it does for the front windscreen.

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