Windscreen Laws & Regulations in the UK [Infographic]


Windscreen Laws & Regulations in the UK

Is a cracked windscreen an MOT failure?

Yes, even a small windscreen chip within a driver’s line of vision could cause a windscreen to fail an MOT test.

The maximum size of the crack or chip on the windscreen is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision (a vertical strip 290mm wide centred on the steering wheel), 40mm elsewhere in the rest of the area swept by the wiper blades.

Where should I place the sat-nav on my windscreen

Consider carefully where you place your navigation device in your car. The sat nav should not block in any way:

  • Your view of the road
  • Any of the controls in your car
  • Any of your mirrors
  • The airbag

You should be able to reach the sat-nav easily without leaning or stretching.

You can attach your navigation device to the windscreen, side window or use a Dashboard Mount Disk to attach your device to the dashboard.

Are windscreen sucker mounts illegal in the UK?

No, suction cup GPS mounting are legal as long as they don’t obstruct your view. The recommended place to stick them is the top left hand corner of the windscreen to avoid obstructing your view which could be a breach of the highway code.

What are the rules for stickers on windscreens in the UK?

The MOT test will check that items placed in or stuck to the windscreen do not seriously obscure the vision of the driver. The windscreen is divided into Zones To better define what is permissible: Zone A is a vertical area 290mm wide, centred on the steering wheel and contained within the swept area of the windscreen (this area is 350mm wide on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes) and Zone B is the remainder of the swept area of the windscreen.

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