What are the functions of windscreens?

Windscreens are a vital part for the majority of land vehicles for countless reasons, which is why a simple chip or crack can fail a vehicle’s MOT. This month 1st Call Windscreens are here to tell you why windscreens are important and how they can potentially save your life.

Functions of windscreens

  • They protect the driver and others in the vehicles from debris such as stones, dust and insects.
  • They allow the car to be aerodynamic to reduce drag, improving the vehicle’s efficiency. Without the use of the windows, a car would have to work twice as hard, wasting fuel at lower speeds.
  • They shield you from the wind. Windscreens help drivers to see the road with ease and avoid distractions.
  • They’re an important barrier from weather. They offer shelter in the rain, hail and stormy weather.
  • During an unfortunate collision the windshield is just another barrier alongside the air bag, that’ll keep you inside the car.  


The different types of windscreens:

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is made by joining two layers of glass together, using a binding agent called polyvinyl butyral (PBV). PBV is used because it’s clear when it sets and it fixes both piece of glass together well, creating a strong bond for a safe and sturdy windshield. Once the PBV has been applied between the two panes of glass it is then put under an extremely high heat (over 500’c) and pressure to merge the panes together.

Functions of Laminated Glass

Unlike ordinary windshield glass, laminated glass will absorb the impact and should the glass break, it may crack but it will not fall apart because it’ll be attached firmly and kept in place by the PBV. This type of windshield ensures that the driver and passengers inside the car are protected because the glass will remain attached to the frame, protecting the internals of the car too. Also, should anyone not be wearing their seat belt during a crash, they may hit the windscreen but will still remain inside the car.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is another type of glass that has been strengthened to make vehicle windshields much safer and is toughened with temperature treatments. Firstly, the glass is placed into a furnace and cooled with air drafts once the glass reaches the optimal temperature inside the furnace.

Functions of Tempered Glass

Should this glass break in an accident, it will shatter into blunt pieces rather than sharp dangerous pieces. This will not only make it safer for the driver and others in the vehicle but it will also make it easier to rectify the internals during repair.

What are the functions of windscreens?

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