The Benefits of Panoramic Sunroofs

Not every motorist is a fan of sunroofs, but given the advancements that sunroofs have made in recent years, it’s certainly worth considering one. No longer are sunroofs pokey, little windows fitted to the roof of your vehicle – these days, panoramic sunroofs can cover the entirety of your vehicle’s roof, making you feel as though you’re in a convertible, but without any of the drawbacks. 

In this article, we will be covering some of the benefits of a panoramic sunroof. You never know, you might become a convert!

No wind noise

If your vehicle has become too hot inside the cabin when out on the road, traditionally, you have two choices: open a window, or put on the air con. Obviously, if you’re driving on the motorway and trying to have a conversation with a passenger, opening a window only to be met with an obnoxious booming sound isn’t going to be your first choice. Air con it is, then. 

It doesn’t have to be this way though. When you opt for a sunroof, you can cool down your vehicle naturally without having to subject your passengers to the booming wind. A major plus!

Less claustrophobic

If you’re on a long journey in your car, your cabin can become a little claustrophobic. Back when sunroofs were smaller, opting for one wouldn’t help much either, as this could limit your head room even further. Not anymore though, today’s sunroofs provide your vehicle with an enhanced sense of openness, giving you complete spatial freedom while driving, no matter what the weather is doing.

More sun!

Of course, the main benefit of opting for a panoramic sunroof is the ability to take in more sun while your driving. In fact, given just how large panoramic sunroofs can be, driving a car with one is much like having a convertible, except it’s much easier to close the roof if the weather turns bad (and let’s face it: it will).

Easily check on roof luggage

If you’ve ever gone on holiday with a load of bags strapped to your vehicle’s roof rack, you will know just how daunting it can be, driving along hoping that none of them have fallen off yet. Luckily, with a panoramic sunroof, you don’t have to worry about this, as you can ask a passenger to check on your roof luggage as you drive. Simple as that.

Improved phone reception

If you’re driving along and need to get in contact with someone, you’ve probably been in a position more than once where you’re fresh out of phone signal. With a panoramic sunroof, simply opening the roof completely will improve your phone’s signal significantly, making it much easier to make calls. 

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