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How can a leaking windscreen be fixed?

Posted on by 1st Call Windscreens team

If you’re looking to find out how you can fix your leaking windscreen, you’ve probably had the nasty shock of finding moisture, mildew and maybe even a pool of water on your dashboard. It might be the case that you noticed these signs a while ago but the penny only dropped whilst you were on … Continue reading

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Why are my windscreen wipers not working?

Posted on by 1st Call Windscreens team

You may be wondering why your windscreen wipers are not working and this can be a pain, especially when you’re about to go on a long journey. This is why 1st Call Windscreens have put together a list of things you may be experiencing, so you can get your vehicle back up and running in … Continue reading

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What are the functions of windscreens?

Posted on by 1st Call Windscreens team

Windscreens are a vital part for the majority of land vehicles for countless reasons, which is why a simple chip or crack can fail a vehicle’s MOT. This month 1st Call Windscreens are here to tell you why windscreens are important and how they can potentially save your life. Functions of windscreens They protect the … Continue reading

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